Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saranac Rye IPA

Today I'm continuing my journey through Saranac's collection of beers and ales.  By the way, all of the beers I've featured by them are in their '12 Beers of Winter' pack, and it's a good collection if you fancy trying some of these for yourself.  You get 2 bottles of each, so you can share with a friend (or enemy, or passing stranger - whatever floats your boat).

Saranac's Rye IPA is a beer for drinking around a log fire with the lads, soaking in the rich flavours as you swap big-fish stories; or for sharing with a loved one in the warm while the NY snows pile up outside.  It's probably my favourite of the Saranac brews I've tried so far.  Here's the lowdown:-

Aroma: hoppy.

Appearance: dark golden, head develops slowly on top.  Carbonation noticeable.

Taste: As one would expect, rye.  Hoppy with a malty finish.  Sometimes a slight soapy note creeps in as you swallow, but it's not overly prominent.  Like any good IPA, the hops are prominent, but the rye adds something to the taste.

Rye at top of mouth, after you swallow before you get the barley.   Barley is the lasting aftertaste.

Mouthfeel: carbonated, sharp, head is foamy and provides a nice contrast to the carbonation.

Aftertaste: barley, rye notes.

This beer I could definitely drink on its own - it's a strong IPA which can be enjoyed on its own merits.  I've had a mixed reaction to Saranac's brews so far, but I really liked this.

4 out of 5.

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  1. It was my favorite from the box too - the first sip is pretty warm and it stays mellow (as opposed to getting overwhelming with the toasty)