Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Interview with Genesee Brewing's CEO in the Democrat and Chronicle

I missed this last week, but have now caught up...

Last week's Sunday edition of the D&C featured an in-depth interview with Genesee Brewing's Rich Lozyniak.  It's great to know that they're continuing to grow, they're such a part of downtown Rochester's history.  I also love that here in Rochester we have the privilege of having not just locally-brewed craft beer, but also a firm competition for Bud, Miller and Coors.  

North American Breweries (which owns Genesee Brewing and is based in Rochester) is totally independent of the Big Three, and is still the #8 brewery in the USA.  Their Dundee craft label produces some pretty decent beers in a very reasonable price range, too (~$6-7 for a six-pack).

I particularly like Lozyniak's comment that Genny is the cool beer in Brooklyn - it brings a chuckle to my face to think of hipsters discovering Genny for the first time.  

Had my first taste of my Christmas Ale (made from Northern Brewer's Spiced Winter Ale kit) and even a week after bottling it's pretty good!  More homebrew reviews and others, coming up soon!